WOZX tokens skyrocket from the very first minutes of trading

Efforce WOZX tokens skyrocket from the very first minutes of trading

The company, co-founded by Steve Wozniak, immediately took the limelight: the price of the WOZX token rose 26 times five days after its launch.

Today Efforce (WOZX), the new token from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, almost doubled its price after having grown 26 times over the past week.

WOZX will be traded on the Korean Bithumb exchange as Bitcoin Profit of 9 December: it has already risen 2.490% since 3 December, the date of its first listing on the HBTC exchange. Although it started at 10 cents per token, it is currently trading at $2.59.

The WOZX token, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, is a way to securitise energy savings: it has a total supply of one billion and was sold through private financing rounds conducted earlier this year, receiving an initial valuation of $80 million.

According to the token manufacturer, also called Efforce, it reached a market cap of $950 million in just 13 minutes of trading

Efforce presents itself as „the first blockchain-based energy saving platform“ and aims to pursue a drastic reduction in energy consumption without changing human behaviour.

WOZX tokens will be used on the platform by employees who want to participate in energy saving projects, as a reward based on the amount of energy a user has saved.

Wozniak is supported in Efforce by co-founders Jacopo Visetti and Jacopo Vanetti, who act as Project Lead and CTO respectively. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Malta, a country considered by many to be favourable to blockchain companies.

In an announcement on 4 December, Visetti described how Efforce could help democratize the energy efficiency market by connecting investors with energy saving projects:

„Energy efficiency is a way to create a sustainable future, help fight climate change, reduce emissions… and make money while doing it!“.

In October 2018, Wozniak launched the blockchain venture capital fund EQUI Global in an attempt to bring innovation to the venture capital and financing industry.

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